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Yes, we have a credit card option. Enigma MedSpa accepts credit cards. This is a convenient and secure option for customers who do not want to use cash or write checks.

A basic facial is a regular treatment that is necessary to keep your skin in good health and beauty. It includes several steps:

Cleaning: remove decorative cosmetics, sebum and pollution form the skin’s appearance.

Toning: the use of a tonic to rebalance the environment and improve the skin’s grain and surface tone.
Active: the use of serums, creams and masks to improve skin condition and combat specific problems such as wrinkles, pigmentation and acne.

Hydration: the use of moisturizers to keep the skin hydrated.

Basic facial care can be individualized based on skin type and specific needs.

The amount of facial sessions required varies based on such factors as your skin type, ages, and individual desires. As a general rule, it is recommended to have a facial treatment once or twice a week. However, if you have oily or problematic skin, more frequent treatments may be necessary.

It is also recommended that you regularly eliminate makeup and cleanse your facial skin before going to bed. This will help prevent acne and other skin problems.

If there are specific skin problems such as wrinkles, pigmentation or acne, more intensive skin care may be required. In such cases, it is advisable to seek the advice of a professional cosmetologist. He or she will help you choose the most appropriate treatments and advise on their frequency.

The massage facial can vary in terms of massage therapy frequency based on your individual wants, needs, purposes, and capabilities. In general, the incidence of a facial is an individual choice. The goal is to establish a balance that fits with your lifestyle, budget, and general goals to enhance the way you look and the skin’s overall appearance and health.

1. Rest and relaxation: If relaxation and reducing stress is your primary goal, a face wash once a month may be beneficial.

2. Enhance your skin: If you would like to increase the overall level of health and beauty of your skin, it is recommended that you get a facial massage once or twice a week. This can help to promote better circulation and tone your face.

3. Fighting the signs of aging: If your objective is to decrease the visible signs of aging and wrinkles, regular facial massage two to three times a week is recommended for best results.

Meet our team

Enigma Med Spa provides highly selective spa services. Serves the Chicago area.

Diana Terletska

Business owner

Jane E Vaysberg

Certified nurse practitioner

Enigma Med Spa provides highly selective spa services. Serves the Chicago area. Ultrasound facial facial, microneedling,RF microneedling, PRX T-33 peel.

Ekateryna Strelka

Spa manager, aesthetician, medical assistant

Enigma Med Spa provides highly selective spa services. Serves the Chicago area. Ultrasound facial facial, microneedling,RF microneedling, PRX T-33 peel, Laser hair removal.

Yana Korzheniuk

Aesthetician, Medical Assistant


Our clients say

Anna March
Anna March
I was super impressed with the care and attention I received at my facial appointment. Diana is truly Great! She was very tentative and thorough in explaining in details what she was doing and what products she was using on my face. I felt relaxed and at ease. I was pretty impressed with the final result. My face has never felt better. Thanks again, Enigma Medspa. You are amazing! I definitely will recommend this Medspa to my friends and family.
Diana Matichyn
Diana Matichyn
I really love this spa, because Diana and her team have solutions for different skin conditions and concerns. The ladies here are straight forward and won't try to sell you something that wouldn't benefit you and that's really important to me. I drive 40 minutes just to have a facial and it's well worth it, highly recommend Enigma Medspa!!
Maggie Munoz
Maggie Munoz
I am in love with their service. This will forever be my to go girls totally recommend 👌❤
Love this place!!! Diana very professional and knowledgeable person. my face looks much more better now.i am very thankful to her.