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Intimate peel

Intimate peeling is a new procedure that aims to enhance skin rejuvenation and brightening in intimate areas, reduce the intensity of hair growth, improve tissue elasticity and tone, and safely regenerate the skin. The procedure is suitable for both women and men, and can be performed at any time of the year, without disturbing the protective layer of the skin.

The main advantage of Intimate Peel is its optimally balanced composition, which effectively solves the problem without damaging the delicate tissues of the intimate area.

Areas of application include the underarms, inner thighs, large labia, and perianal area.

The results of the procedure include an instant lifting effect and increase the tone of tissues, skin lightening and equalizing its tone, the elimination of pigmentation of various origins, restoration of physiological processes and stimulation of neocollagen production, improving the tone and elasticity of tissues of the intimate zone, as well as correction of scarring from ingrown hair after depilation.

The safety and efficacy of the procedure is ensured with the correct application of the protocol and products.  Contact our specialists at Enigma Medspa for a more detailed consultation and appointment for the procedure.