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BBL Pigmentation treatment (single area)

BBL technology harnesses high-intensity pulsed light to address age spots and signs of photoaging. Additionally, BBL is effective in treating vascular concerns such as rednesssmall blood vesselsand rosacea, along with various aging skin issues like uneven skin texture and loss of skin firmness. Different filters like 515, 560, and 590 target age spots on both the face and body by targeting melaninwhich absorbs the light pulse to break down pigmented components.

The BBL procedure is known for being painless and yielding natural outcomes, leading to a noticeable enhancement in skin quality. Remarkable improvements can often be seen following just one session of phototherapy for pigmentation issues on the face and body. The treatment helps in balancing skin tone, reducing the visibility of brown spots, and giving the skin a revitalized, youthful appearance.For a more detailed consultation you can contact our specialists at Enigma Medspa.