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BBL photofacial

BBL photofacial is an alternative to surgery and surgical interventions, offering a wide range of aesthetic procedures to improve skin condition. It is an aesthetic and therapeutic system that corrects skin imperfections and triggers regeneration processes by applying broadband light. The device uses two lamps, each of which operates at half power, providing a more precise and effective effect on the skin. The system also includes interchangeable filters, adapters of different sizes and a special technology of controlled cooling of the skin. The use of different nozzles and light filters within the same procedure allows to individualize the procedure for each patient and achieve maximum results, simultaneously solving several dermatological problems.  BBL is, first of all, therapy of couperose, rosacea and acne, elimination of deep marks after acne and pigment spots. The bonus of the procedure is the lifting effect.
The procedure does not damage the skin, is easily tolerated and does not require a long rehabilitation period.


The procedure is recommended for patients of any age. During the procedure there is a sensation of warmth and a slight tingling sensation in the treatment area. Depending on the treatment area, the procedure lasts from a few minutes to half an hour.
Immediately after the procedure may be a slight redness and mild swelling, which pass in one to two hours. Makeup can be applied to the skin, but you should avoid direct sunlight and use sunscreen.

The procedure is not recommended in the presence of malignant neoplasms, autoimmune diseases, dermatitis, skin trauma, sunburn, hypersensitivity to light, taking medications that increase sensitivity to light, pregnancy and lactation.

Benefits of the technology

  • The effect of “photoshopped” skin
  • Safe and painless
  •  Does not require a long rehabilitation period.
  • Effective and clinically proven results
  •  Solution of 3 problems (pigmentation, skin quality, rejuvenation) in 1 treatment.


As soon as redness disappears, increased skin elasticity becomes visible, skin quality improves, wrinkles and age spots disappear, youthful color returns, deep layers of skin are rejuvenated at the cellular level.

Contact our Enigma Medspa specialists for a detailed consultation about BBL photo-facial and to determine the most appropriate course of treatment for you.