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Permanent Makeup Training

1:1 with a coach Iryna Fenina

Iryna Fenina is an international trainer and judge of permanent makeup. With over 10 years of experience, she has participated in 8 championships and holds of absolute champion of the USA and champion of Ukraine. Iryna is also the author of highly effective training programs for permanent makeup artists. She has performed over 10000 procedures.

Individual training options :

1 one-day

1 one-day training for experienced professionals - the training includes trainer’s demonstration work, theory summarisation, and student’s practice on a model to refine techniques.

1 three-day

1 three-day training for beginner artists includes fundamental theoretical knowledge, practice on artificial skin, trainer’s demonstration work,and student practice on three models.

  • The training focuses on a specific area of choice – eyebrows, lips or eyes.
  • At the conclusion of the training, the student receives a certificate and instructions on how to start working legally.
  • This training is designed to enhance knowledge and skills with a specific area – eyebrows, lips, eyes.
  • It addresses the most challenging issues and resolves them once and for all.
  • Upon completion, you will start working effortlessly and with satisfaction.
  • Goal is to provide the most effective information for every step of the process, demonstrate how it works in practice, and deliver tangible results.
  • This is the best training after which there is no need to retraining. Just take it and start work!

Important! The students provides their own models.