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Teens Facial

During the transitional age, the body undergoes a large number of changes that can be reflected in the appearance. During puberty hormonal surges in the body can provoke excessive work of sebaceous glands. Due to this, the skin looks rough, dull, in the T-zone appears noticeable greasy shine and black dots. Excess sebum provokes pore clogging, multiplication of unfriendly bacteria and the formation of imperfections. Pimples cause great discomfort and can become a cause of insecurity in adolescents. If in time and competently not to solve this problem, acne can leave noticeable spots and scars on the face. Experts recommend comprehensive facial care on a regular basis from the age of 14 or even earlier, if there are indications.

Acne or acne for various reasons can appear at any age, but most often it is teenagers who suffer from them. In puberty, this condition with varying degrees of severity can be found in many girls and guys. And in the second nature of the manifestation of acne is often more complex.

Modern cosmetic products and procedures for teenagers allow:

  • remove acne, teenage acne;

  • get rid of freckles, age spots;

  • eliminate itching, flaking, greasiness, dryness;
  •  make the skin beautiful and smooth.

Proper care, can not only eliminate flaws, but sometimes even prevent their appearance. The main problem of teenage skin is, of course, acne, black spots and greasy shine. Regular, thorough and gentle cleansing will help prevent their appearance. With the feeling of tightness after washing (and it can occur both on dry and oily skin) will cope tonic with a large number of natural components. It is better to choose products designed for young skin. For deeper cleansing will be suitable masks with clay or charcoal, as well as scrubs, peels and facial cleansing at a cosmetologist.