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Trichology Services

At ENIGMA MEDSPA, our team of knowledgeable specialists is dedicated to preserving the health and beauty of your hair. When you visit our professional trichologist, you can expect a comprehensive assessment of your hair’s condition, thorough diagnostics, personalized care recommendations, and effective solutions for various hair and scalp issues.

If you experience any of the following, it's important to seek the guidance of a trichologist:

  • Hair loss
  • Hair breakage
  • Dandruff
  • Scalp conditions or diseases

Our trichologist services encompass a range of solutions:

  • Implementation of hair loss prevention protocols
  • Effective treatments for dandruff
  • Development of personalized treatment plans

Trichoscopy, a specialized technique, entails the assessment of the scalp and hair through the use of handheld or video dermoscopic tools. Through the utilization of trichoscopy, our skilled professionals can precisely diagnose, anticipate outcomes, and keep track of various conditions including androgenetic alopecia, alopecia areata, telogen, trichotillomania, congenital triangular alopecia, tinea capitis, scarring alopecia, and hair shaft diseases.

Trichoscopy proves to be an invaluable, non-invasive, and affordable method that enables visualization of the hair and scalp at magnifications ranging from x20 to x160, aiding in the diagnosis of various hair and scalp disorders. Trust our trichology services to provide you with the best care for all your hair and scalp needs.