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Basic Facial

vaporizing the pores with a vaporizer

What is a basic facial?

Skin health is largely determined by the health of the entire body, but skin health is directly related to skin care. After all, the skin needs regular care, regardless of age.Many individuals seek assistance from skin care professionals for additional support, even though it is possible to maintain healthy skin at home. One popular approach is opting for a basic facial, which, despite its simple name, can actually be beneficial for your skin due to its customizable nature.

A basic facial involves several steps aimed at nourishing and rejuvenating your facial skin, providing it with a healthier and more youthful appearance. These steps typically include the removal of dead skin cells, cleansing of pores, and the application of a personalized mask to address common skin concerns. By deep cleansing the skin and minimizing the size of pores, it effectively eliminates excess sebum for those with oily skin, offers a pronounced protective effect for individuals with dry skin, and restores the skin mantle for those with dehydrated and sensitive skin.

By adopting an optimal skin care routine, you can help prevent skin damage and promote regenerative processes, thus acting as a preventive measure against skin damage and premature aging.

Each facial session commences with a consultation, during which a skin care professional evaluates your skin type and specific concerns in order to determine the most suitable products.

 The main stages of basic care: