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BBL single vascular treatment

The BBL Single Vascular Treatment is an innovative procedure designed to address a variety of skin problems associated with visible capillaries and redness on the skin. This treatment utilizes Broad Band Light technology and allows you to spot-target problem areas of the skin for optimal results.


The benefits of a single-vessel BBL treatment are:

  • Capillary Elimination: Single Vessel BBL treatment allows for the effective and precise elimination of visible capillaries on the skin. Pulses of light directed at the problem areas penetrate the vessels and cause them to constrict and subsequently disappear.
  •  Redness Reduction: Many people suffer from persistent redness on the skin, which can be caused by vascular problems. BBL single-vessel treatment helps to reduce redness and returns the skin to a natural and even color.
  • Comfortable procedure: The single-vessel BBL treatment procedure is usually brief and does not cause significant discomfort. Many patients describe it as a slight tingling or warm feeling on the skin.
  • Minimal recovery: Single-vessel BBL treatment requires almost no recovery period, so you can return to your daily activities immediately after the procedure. Some patients do experience some slight redness or swelling after treatment, but it disappears quickly.

Our specialists in single-vessel BBL treatment have extensive experience and expertise in the field. We use advanced equipment and individualized care to maximize results for each patient. Our goal is to help you achieve healthy, even and glowing skin. If you are looking for an effective solution to your capillary and redness problems on your skin, contact us at Enigma Medspa.