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Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite treatment methods: how to choose an effective one?

“Dimpled skin” is a problem for most people on the planet. It spoils the skin of the buttocks, abdomen, and thighs. Ways to combat cellulite are not always pleasant. But there are reliable cellulite treatment options that will truly make your skin smooth, firm, and help you become more confident and look better.

What is cellulite:

Adipose tissue penetrates through connective tissue. The result of the proliferation of fat cells is tubercles, the skin does not look smooth, it becomes like an orange peel.

Cellulite is not harmful to health, but it can lower your self-esteem and become a reason for choosing clothes towards closed options.

Modern methods of treating cellulite:

Vela Shape III: Fat cells are affected by radio waves, massage and infrared radiation. A set of measures activates blood circulation and tightens the skin.

Endermologie (LPG massage): A rotating mechanism with rollers presses on the fat fold under special conditions. As a result, fat cells are broken down. Excess fluid is removed from the cells of adipose tissue, the person loses weight and acquires a slender silhouette.

Cavitation Body Contouring: Ultrasound waves are able to penetrate the epidermis and break down fat cells at low frequencies, as a result they are destroyed, a person loses weight, and the “orange peel” disappears.

Wooden massage: Massage with wooden sticks activates microcirculation of intercellular fluid, improves nutrition of skin cells, removes toxins, softens and reduces subcutaneous fat.

Scrub and body wrap: Scrubbing and body wrapping procedures help to comprehensively address the causes of cellulite. The effect is especially noticeable after several sessions.

Enigma Medspa offers its clients various cellulite treatment options. The methods used allow you to get rid of the causes of cellulite, resulting in smooth and beautiful skin.

Choose the treatment options that are right for you

Proper treatment will help you get excellent results, you will be satisfied, get positive emotions when looking at healthy, elastic skin.

What to change in your lifestyle to help your skin reduce cellulite and become smooth:

  • Keep your weight normal: Weight fluctuations are a direct path to sagging skin. Sharp jumps in body weight provoke the skin to stretch and shrink, which negatively affects its structure and reduces its elasticity.
  • Cellulite is caused not only by excess fat tissue under the skin, but also by poor fluid circulation. “Orange peel” appears in people with poor lymphatic drainage system. Impaired lymph flow leads to cellulite. Stagnation of lymph is promoted by physical inactivity, hormonal changes, and genetics.
  • Maintain a balance in your meals: Make a daily diet of fruits, vegetables, lean protein and whole grains.
  • Stay hydrated: Enough water for the body helps remove toxins and activates metabolism.
  • Physical activity: Exercising helps improve blood circulation and build muscles, which in turn helps to cope with cellulite.


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This article was prepared by skin care specialist

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