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LPG massage vs VelaShape III

Today, LPG massage and VelaShape are among the most popular methods of apparatus cosmetology used for body correction and cellulite control.

LPG massage is a vacuum-rolling effect on the skin. The device retracts the skin fold, and rollers knead the subcutaneous fatty tissue, moving in different directions. The dynamic pulsating action of the vacuum enhances the effect of this procedure. After it improves blood microcirculation, venous and lymphatic outflow, which contributes to the removal of toxins and excess fluid. LPG massage effectively fights cellulite, reduces volume and improves skin tone. This method can also be used to work on the skin in the décolletage, neck and face area. Rare side effects include moderate swelling and redness. In addition, in medicine, LPG massage is used to treat the initial stages of varicose veins, myositis, sciatica, and recovery from injuries and burns. In sports, it is used to strengthen muscles and ligaments, as well as for their rapid recovery.

VelaShape, like LPG massage, is recommended for people with sagging skin, cellulite and fat deposits. Unlike LPG, VelaShape targets the subcutaneous fat using temperature. It combines four types of energy to achieve the perfect shape. Infrared light heats the tissue to the deep layers of the dermis and helps to reduce subcutaneous fat. Bipolar radiofrequency energy stimulates collagen synthesis, provides lifting and restores electrolyte balance in skin cells. Vacuum massage improves blood supply and stimulates lymphatic outflow. Mechanical massage stimulates the outflow of lymph and accelerates metabolic processes. During the procedure, the deep layers of the dermis are heated to 43 degrees, which increases the effectiveness of the procedure by 1.5 times. The VelaShape treatment is great for targeting localized fat deposits that can be difficult to reduce, even with proper diet and exercise. It is also useful for overall skin lifting and skin improvement. A session on this machine lasts up to 35 minutes and one or two areas are treated.

Both methods, LPG massage and VelaShape, are effective in correcting the figure, but use different approaches. The choice between them may depend on individual preferences and recommendations of the specialist. Both methods have their advantages and effectiveness, but the choice between them is determined by individual skin characteristics and the desired result.


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