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MOXI BBL Combo Treatment

The power of the BBL and Moxi laser combination

Two well-known methods for rejuvenating the skin, BBL and Moxi, utilize advanced laser technology to achieve the desired outcomes.

BroadBand Light (BBL) is a powerful pulsed laser light device that safely penetrates deep into the skin. Utilizing phototherapy principles, this technology emits intense light across various wavelengths that penetrate deep within the skin, triggering its natural regeneration processes. By targeting melanin absorption, BBL diminishes age spots and freckles, while also impacting blood vessels to reduce the visibility of rosacea. Moreover, the stimulation of collagen helps thicken the skin and diminish wrinkles.

Moxi is a type of non-ablative laser that boosts collagen production and enhances skin texture. Using fractional laser therapy as its foundation, Moxi focuses on tiny skin areas while leaving unaffected areas intact. This method encourages the skin’s natural renewal and triggers collagen synthesis. By rejuvenating and revitalizing the skin, MOXI addresses issues like uneven pigmentation, as well as enhances overall tone and texture.

BBL and Moxi treatments can be combined to provide comprehensive rejuvenation. The specific combination and sequence of BBL and Moxi treatments is tailored to each patient’s individual goals and skin concerns. Typically, corrective treatments are performed first, followed by maintenance sessions for optimal results.s.

Although BBL and Moxi procedures separately demonstrate substantial effectiveness, their combined use can produce even more impressive results. Moreover, they are minimally invasive and have a short rehabilitation period. If you want more pronounced and visible results in a short period of time, then a combination of these two methods would be a great solution.


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