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Yellow Peel

Yellow peel or as it is called retinol, got its name because of the rich yellow color that gives it retinol, which is part of its composition. This peel is unique because it is a mild superficial peel, but its results are similar to those of a deep medial peel.
Its main advantages are: effectiveness, no contraindications, all-season, suitable for all skin types and quick rehabilitation (usually 2-3 days). Retinol in its composition promotes regeneration, improves blood circulation in the dermis. It also activates collagen synthesis and reduces bacterial growth.


Who needs this peeling:

  • Age fading skin – wrinkle reduction and lifting effect.
  • Hyperkeratosis – helps to soften and smooth keratinized skin.
  • Problem skin – reduces inflammatory reactions, scars become less visible, pores shrink, normalizes sebaceous gland function.
  • Hyperpigmentation – reduces the intensity of pigmentation on the skin.

Yellow peel – a product with a pronounced effect after the first treatment. For more information about the peeling process, rehabilitation and results you can consult our specialists at Enigma Medspa.